Terms of Business

1. Job ad

1.1 Specifications

1.1.1 erp.jobs publishes advertisements in HTML format or URL Link format on the Internet on behalf of the customer. The ads can embed GIF, JPEG, or PNG files. Other graphics formats and embedded files are not provided.

1.1.2 The advertisements to be published must meet the following requirements, otherwise they are inadmissible content of the erp.jobs General Terms and Conditions:

The ads may only post links to the customer's company presence. References to the text and / or links within the advertisement for further vacancies not published on erp.jobs are not permitted. This includes the job market of the customer homepage. The call for unsolicited applications is not permitted.

Links to Competitors of erp.jobs are not allowed. All contents of an advertisement must be directly visible to the user. Unless they are explicitly offered by erp.jobs as part of special ad products, the customer's own tracking codes and interactive elements that can be controlled, for example, by clicks or mouse over, are inadmissible. Exceptions to this are links to other pages and e-mail addresses. In any case, links must be designed to be recognizable when linked to external sites. Permitted links are only allowed as so-called "no follow" links, ie they should be set so that they should not be used by search engines to calculate the link popularity. All contents of the advertisement are to be handed over to erp.jobs and may not be integrated via frames or other forms by retrieval from other servers. Any influence on the search result lists outside the possibilities provided by erp.jobs is inadmissible. These include but are not limited to hidden texts (e.g., white text on a white background, text behind a picture, use of CSS to hide text, use of font size 0), and hidden links.

Tagging, categorization, title and ad text of the ad must be in the context of the advertised ad.

A job advertisement must contain the company name and a company description, a job description, the job profile, the job and a job application.

The job description may not refer to different job-places. It must include job title as well as job-activity and job task-description. The job description must describe the job advertised correctly and must not be misleading. The advertised position may not be changed during the term of the advertisement, and additional places of work may not be added during the term of the advertisement. In case of infringement, erp.jobs reserves the right to recalculate these in lieu of the consequences of the Terms of Service. A job advertisement can be published in different language versions, but not as a mixed-language version.

1.1.3 The customer is aware that content published on the internet is searched by search engines such as Google and others and these search engines archive the published content. erp.jobs will specify in the ad's metadata that the ads should not be archived. However, if an ad is archived by a search engine, erp.jobs is not responsible and requests for deletion of the archived data directed to the search engine.

1.1.4 To improve ad quality across devices, erp.jobs reserves the right to change the ad layout accordingly. We reserve the right to convert ad content that is not transmitted in http format into https format. For this purpose, the transmitted http content is cached temporarily with us and deleted after conversion.

1.2 Duration Job ad

1.2.1 Unless otherwise agreed, job advertisements will run for a period of 60 days or 90 days. As long as the ads are running within the contract period, they will be published for the full agreed period.

1.3 Miscellaneous

1.3.1 We point out to our customers that erp.jobs can not prevent unauthorized publication of third-party job advertisements. erp.jobs, however, makes every effort to prevent such publications within the legal and technical possibilities. The business partner hereby declares his consent.

1.3.2 The customer transfers to erp.jobs all ownership rights to databases which he has handed over to erp.jobs for publication in connection with advertisements. In particular, erp.jobs has the sole right to assert beneficial ownership of its job advertisement database with third parties.

1.3.3 An offer of JobEage at a lower price as indicated in the price list, is only under the conventions and congrete conditions for the congrete customer valid. It does not apply, if the customer chooses instead of his own an other party, e.g. an agency, and let them act for him.

1.3.4 The assumption of the contract by third parties on the part of the customer ("reselling") requires erp.jobs's prior approval.

1.3.5 erp.jobs always strives to optimize the search results on www.erp.jobs with the aim of achieving the best possible results for all customers. Insofar as the categorization and rubrication of job advertisements is done by the customer himself, he is obliged to perform these correctly and in a meaningful way. erp.jobs reserves the right at any time to adjust or change the categorization or rubrication of job advertisements at erp.jobss’s discretion. The customer has no right to publish of his choice job advertisements in a specific category or rubrication.

1.3.6 Via the "Apply Now" link, which is placed when the job advertisement is called up on the site, applicants can register their contact details, as well as their curriculum vitae and other application documents, using the application form deposited there. In the event that the customer uses erp.jobs's application form, applications will be sent to the customer via erp.jobs to the e-mail address provided by the customer.

2. Job Flyer

2.1 Specifications

The following specifications are considered as a quality agreement and are final. Further functionalities are not owed. erp.jobs sends on behalf of the customer an e-mail designed in the individual layout of the customer to selected candidates from the "myerp.jobs" database. Content of the email can be a special job offer, the announcement of career related events or the presentation of the customer's company with link to open positions. The customer is obliged to send the advertising material in full and in the correct form to erp.jobs at the same time as the booking or, alternatively, not later than three days before the planned publication date. If the advertising material is not received on time in the correct form at erp.jobs, the claim for publication lapses without replacement. The claim for payment from erp.jobs remains unaffected. erp.jobs can not guarantee for the number of recipients.

3. Executive Search

3.1 Specifications

3.1.1 The erp.jobs maintains a database on the internet with CVs of jobseekers ("candidates"). Candidates can deposit their profiles or CVs in it. With activation, the candidate publishes these in the erp.jobs database. erp.jobs employees can search for and contact candidates in the erp.jobs database according to specific criteria.

3.2 Obligations of the customer

3.2.1 In particular, the customer undertakes not to disclose personal data of candidates, to treat them confidentially and to comply with all data protection regulations. If erp.jobs is asked by a candidate to delete their data, erp.jobs notifies the customer, erp.jobs must delete immediately all copies, files or data belonging to a particular candidate.

3.2.2 All losses, costs, claims, damages and other expenses that erp.jobs incurs by the customer shall be borne by the customer, unless erp.jobs is responsible for this.

3.2.3 The candidate information is provided solely by the canditate, so erp.jobs cannot guarantee its completeness, accuracy, care or availability. Nor does erp.jobs guarantee a certain number of answers.

3.2.4 Datas from Jobseekers who register with erp.jobs ("Candidates") are strictly confidential and may only be stored  and used by the customer in accordance with applicable data protection laws. erp.jobs reserves the right to block the customer's access in case of infringement. The customer knows that special rules apply to data transfer outside the scope of the European Union. Such data transfer generally requires the approval of the candidate, even within a group.

3.3 Billing Models

3.3.1 The price and the details of the billing are based on the erp.jobs price lists or the contractual agreements.

4. erp.jobs "myclient"

4.1 Specifications

4.1.1 erp.jobs grants the customer the not-only, non-exclusive and non-transferable right, limited to the contract period, to use the "myclient tool". erp.jobs will provide the system for publication of job advertisements for use by the customer for at least 18 hours out of 24 daily. The "myclient tool" allows the customer to create ads and publish them. This specification is final. Further functionalities are not owed.

4.1.2 erp.jobs gives the customer a user ID and password for dialing into the server. The customer can change the password at any time. Within its general area of ​​responsibility, the customer is responsible for the fact that both the user ID and the password can only be used by persons who are authorized to access the erp.jobs "myclient" portal. At the same time, the customer must also observe any further safety criteria that have been announced to him. If an agency acts for or on behalf of the customer, the same provisions apply. erp.jobs also grants the agency access to agency client ads upon request so that the agency can manage the ads for their clients and create new ads for them. For this purpose, the agency also has access to statistics and up-to-date contract data, as well as access to old advertisements for the customer. The agency has to obtain the consent of the customer and to prove erp.jobs on request. The agency is liable for erp.jobs if erp.jobs is used for any unauthorized disclosure of access rights and information from the customer.

4.2 Privacy

4.2.1  If personal data are processed, the customer must ensure through appropriate agreements with his employees or organizational measures that the respective provisions of the Data Protection Act as well as the relevant data protection special regulations are met. This applies in particular with regard to the collection, processing, modification, transmission and deletion of data and datastocks. erp.jobs is entitled to store personal data of the customer, and may process these within the scope of the purpose of the contract.

5. Online orders

5.1 Specification

5.1.1 Certain types of job offers can be booked online at erp.jobs.

5.2 Conclusion of contract

5.2.1 The contract is concluded by ordering of the customer and accepting the order by erp.jobs. erp.jobs accepts the order within 3 working days by an E-mail confirmation. The confirmation of receipt of the order is automatically generated and does not constitute an acceptance- declaration.

5.2.2 The products and price lists published on the website are always non-binding. We strive to  publish always correct products and price lists. erp.jobs is  bound only to the delivery of the products at the stated prices after receipt of the acceptance-declaration by erp.jobs.

6. Terms of payment

6.1 erp.jobs reserves the right to demand payment in advance. Otherwise, the customer can choose between credit card payment and payment within 3 days after receipt of the invoice by erp.jobs.

6.2 erp.jobs grants refunds under the legal requirements.

7. Customer information duties

erp.jobs gives the following information:

7.1 The customer will be directed to the ad serving contract through the following individual technical steps: Complete the order form including the ad pattern. In the standard layout job display, you can call up an ad preview on certain pages until the job is placed. Before the order is completed, the order can be checked for input errors by clicking on the "Check order" button. Corrections are possible by returning to the previous steps by clicking on the corresponding button. Read and accept the AGB by the customer. Click on "Order" by the customer. Electronic access-confirmation of the order by erp.jobs (this is not an order confirmation, but serves to confirm the access of the order). Order confirmation by erp.jobs. The contract is concluded upon receipt of the order confirmation by erp.jobs. The ad is online now.

7.2 These terms of service contain the full text of the contract for both the online display and our other services. The price for an online submission is shown in the price list published at http://www.erp.jobs at the time the job offer is submitted to erp.jobs by the customer. After conclusion of the contract, we store the entries of the customer when entering Online. These entries are not accessible to the customer after conclusion of the contract. In addition, we point out that we only publish the actual terms of service and  price lists online and therefore the customer at the time of conclusion of the contract applicable terms and price lists are no longer accessible in a later update.

7.3 The language available for the contract is German or English.

7.4 erp.jobs is committed to the German Privacy policy as  well as the rules set out in the Terms of Use.