CallidusCloud to SAP: Evolution to Running Better Smarter and Faster

An evolution involving many incremental changes has allowed SAP to enhance its sales performance management products, making them better, faster, and smarter.

Being at the forefront of innovation and with a steadfast commitment to enhancing existing solutions, SAP continuously strives to future-proof its solutions to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of business needs.

When SAP announced the transition from CallidusCloud solutions to sales performance management solutions on the SAP HANA database, it was because these solutions have reached a significant maturity milestone and can meet even the most complex customer requirements.

The move aimed to leverage the maturity of the solutions, providing more robust and adaptable systems capable of handling intricate customer demands effectively. As a column-oriented in-memory database, SAP HANA runs advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions — in a single system, ensuring the applications run faster.

Some of the largest CallidusCloud customers are now running SAP SuccessFactors solutions on SAP HANA. In some cases, they are running hundreds of millions of line items at scale, with over 100 payees being credited individual line items. It is possible, as they get up to 10x compression, allowing for greater storage capacity.

Being on SAP HANA offers the advantage of the open cloud platform, SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), which brings together application development, data and analytics, integration, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into one unified environment. With embedded analytics, multi-factor authentication, and many other capabilities, customers can have confidence that their incentive management solutions will continue to meet the global technology standards that are expected by their organization.

With SAP BTP capabilities now embedded into sales performance management solutions, customers can run a technology stack that is enabling thousands of other organizations to solve complex business problems — from subscription billing to financial reconciliation and everything in between.

SAP’s strategy is to launch sales performance management solutions on hyperscalers. This means customers have the elasticity they demand during peak runs, helping to ensure their system grows and keeps up with the needs of the organization. Available on Google Cloud Platform, solutions leverage Kubernetes (K8s)​ platform, moving from monolithic to microservices architecture to provide a more robust and scalable solution with market-leading performance and global reach. It simplifies operations, brings down costs, and deploys innovations faster.

With this enhanced backend technology, the solutions gain superior speed, concurrency, scalability, and performance, helping to achieve lower downtime and higher availability. Enhanced application UI load time provides for an immediate improvement in user experience and efficiency of work.

When it comes to SAP SuccessFactors Incentive Management, formerly CallidusCloud Commissions, the ways in which the solution has not changed is important. This is critical from the standpoint of risk reduction.

While the solution now runs on the SAP HANA database, the data model remains consistent with its proven pedigree.* And while the sequels have been changed to perform better with a columnar database, the proven sequence of a calculation run remains the same.

Similarly, the tooling has been changed to enable the validate and transfer steps to perform better using the express data loader, but the file formats remain the same. Embedded analytics provide a better analytics framework, but the capability to use external schema is now enhanced.

In short, this is a now a world-class solution full of new capabilities, while still retaining the best of the original offering.

SAP SuccessFactors Territory and Quota has seen more than 200 new developments since migrating to the SAP HANA database, and SAP SuccessFactors Agent Lifecycle Management, formerly CallidusCloud Producer Pro, also takes advantage of new capabilities on SAP HANA. These developments help ensure that the new sales performance management portfolio can meet and exceed demands of the most discerning customers at scale on one of the most secure platforms available in the industry.

We are excited to share this information with CallidusCloud customers and look forward to helping your organization make the strategic move to the SAP SuccessFactors portfolio.

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